How to get a handle on color to benefit your users


UI designers rely on color palette to strengthen communication between the users and the system. Though the meaning and associations of colors may vary between cultures, today’s global internet users share common expectations for color meaning in user interfaces. Reds and warm oranges often indicate warnings, errors, and grave seriousness of deletion. Cool greens and blues exude success. Grays and low-contrast graphics indicate impermanence, placeholder, or empty state.

A range of colors used in example UI elements

Understanding the principles of color theory enables designers to use color more effectively in their work. Artists and craftsmen have relied on the color wheel as a visual design tool to…

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UI设计师依靠调色板来增强用户与系统之间的沟通。 尽管不同文化之间颜色的含义和关联可能会有所不同,但是当今的全球互联网用户对UI中颜色的含义抱有共同的期望。 红色和暖橙色通常表示警告,错误或删除严重性。 清爽的绿色和蓝色预示着成功。 灰色和低对比度的图形表示非永久性,占位符或空白状态。


了解色彩理论可以使设计师更有效地使用色彩。 自从艾萨克·牛顿(Isaac Newton)于17世纪首次发明色轮以来,艺术家和工匠就一直将色轮作为一种视觉设计工具来进行油漆混合和颜色选择。¹

就像X射线,微波和无线电波一样,可见光是电磁辐射的一种。 在电磁频谱内的所有频率中,只有相对有限的波长范围会真正刺激我们眼睛的颜色感受器。 我们的眼睛只能看到大约380纳米到700纳米的颜色,其余肉眼看不见。 比紫罗兰频率更强的紫外线会伤害皮肤。 相反,比肉眼可见的红色频率低是红外线,利用红外线可以做许多有用的事情,例如用遥控器打开电视。

用户体验设计师可能遵循意外的职业道路。虽然拥有专业的设计背景是一个巨大的优势,但是其他的一些经历和背景也可以帮助我们成为成功的设计师。我的大学专业是美术和哲学。毕业后旅居坦桑尼亚一年,之后去了日本,并在那期间才设计了我的第一个网站。我旅行时一直在做艺术品和设计。我通过在线教程和留言板自学了HTML和JavaScript,并建立了 网站来展示这些作品,由此宣传了我的个人设计业务。我逐渐积累了小型设计的经验,比如名片,小册子,徽标,标牌,以及网站。现在回过头去看我那时设计的网页,发现很多不足,但是每个项目都是一次学习经历。

在日本第二年,晚上我在外国人酒吧里做调酒师。白天的时候我便绘画和从事个人创意。我的设计工作负担了我就读芝加哥艺术学院研究生的一部学费和生活费。毕业后,我有大量的学生贷款需要偿还,所以我决定搬到纽约寻找机会。刚开始,我唯一的工作机会是一个木工 — — 制作家具,渲染3D模型和修补古董。即使这样,我仍没有放弃创意艺术领域,一直坚持申请每一个开放职位。最后我终于找到了一家小型移动应用程序开发人员的实习岗位。


When a Chinaberry tree was cut down on my street, I couldn’t resist salvaging a cross section. I rolled the chainsawed slab back to my apartment and let it dry for a month, before packing it with me on a trip to the country to work it. Chinaberry is soft and easy to work using hand tools, however its porous end grain is challenging to finish.

Understanding the design requester’s responsibilities

While endlessly discussing the designer’s responsibilities, we don’t pay enough attention to the design requester — even though project success or failure often depends on both roles. In commercial design, the work is incomplete until it is accepted by the design requester, who may be a client, a manager, or a peer. To understand this dynamic, I interviewed other designers about their experiences fulfilling design requests. Designers attribute many of the problems affecting design projects to a lack of adequate information, access, and feedback at the appropriate phases of the creative process. I view all these as the responsibility of…

SoftServe makes it easy to consult with design experts on project planning

It is quite common these days to hear design defined as “problem solving.” Puzzling though this may be for those non-designers among us, this definition is applicable in every discipline of design: everything from graphic design to service design; and from information architecture to brand strategy. In each of these fields, the design method is to first identify a valid problem, to understand for whom it is a problem, and to create solutions for those people. To solve problems for our clients, SoftServe has staffed a team of more than 100 designers whose competency spans a range of service offerings.

The services are divided into 3 categories: Research, Strategy, and Design

An image of three characters, representing User Researcher, Experience Designer, and Product & Service Designer.
An image of three characters, representing User Researcher, Experience Designer, and Product & Service Designer.

Six-dimensional design thinking

Design educators and industry professionals have produced copious design process models, congesting the landscape with competing versions. A search result will yield endless variations of flow charts, diagrams, and visualizations which individuals and organizations have modified for their own purposes. The effect can be overwhelming to students of design, and alienating to outsiders looking to understand baseline best practices. The language used in various frameworks can often be vague and undefined, contributing to a lack of consensus and undermining legitimacy.

I took a week off work and redesigned the same app every day

Ideation intoxicates. Designers find joy in generating multiple creative solutions to one problem. Only generating a volume of options pushes solutions beyond acceptable and satisfactory to arrive at something exceptional and unique.

So when I had a week off of work for personal development, I challenged myself to ideate a new solution to the same problem every day. The brief I gave myself was to redesign an app that we use to get into the Fuzz office building, a tech installation lovingly named Igor. …

How Going Without Headphones for a Week Affected My Creativity

For those of us working in design and technology it’s not surprising to see an office space filled with individuals listening to headphones. But as a lead designer, my job also requires communicating with team members, walking over to people’s desks and waving my hand until they glance up and pull out their EarPods. When I recently became self-aware of resenting my colleagues for this even while hypocritically committing the same offense, I decided to conduct an experiment to test the value of headphones in my life. For one week I would not listen to headphones at all.

The offices…

Vector graphics make up the system icons, empty state graphics, illustrations, and other visual elements of user interfaces. Professional UI designers should be able to edit vector graphics, and generate new ones from scratch to meet the needs of a project.

Modern vector graphic programs owe much of their design to a computer language invented in the 80’s at Adobe called PostScript. PostScript provided a way to articulate the visual layout of a page, so that it could be displayed on a screen or printed onto paper. Even now we can still manually write out visual designs in PostScript, entering…

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